Poems (I'll using English.)

As a blog, I will post a new entry in English, one of my unfavorite subject when I’m get my highschool time. Before it, do I mention my school? Please don’t mention it, it’s social media and I’m in Public. So, here, I want to make poems in English. Maybe you have an English task to find English poems even I know, I’m not pro like Lang Leav in poem and I love her poems in “Love and Misadventure.”
So, here is.

Poem 1  Theme : Best Friend

Dear, Best Friend

I’ve been know you,
And you still have to make my mood better.
Even everyone judge me,
You still beside me
In every situation
Dear you,
I never meet someone like you.
And you was one and only.
No one can change you in my heart
-Rin E Reichan 2018

Poem 3 Theme : Teacher

Pearl in the Ocean 
Today, you entered my class
In every broken time
You always give us knowledge
When I get down
You always give me motivation.
                                Dear Teacher,
                                I will remember you
                                Even you have passed away
                                You always in my heart
Like the Pearl in Ocean
You always the best in my heart
Even you’re so anger
You like the pearl in the deep Ocean.

-Rin E Reichan

 Sunrise in Half Month

This morning I woke up early morning
The tears all down
When I remember last night
I remember what you said
Even you will have to forget this
                                You left this memory behind
                                And I’m getting older to get this one
                                So I left home, I needed space
                                The time is passing by
                                And I’ll forget you
-Rin E Reichan 2018

Really, I’m not good and influence in English. But, I’m an economic since I was highschool. My Greyson Chance is love mathematics but I love economy mathematics. Really, I hate mathematics since I was grade 10, like English.

See ya in next time!

_Rin E. Reichan_

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