Greyson Chance's Concert in Indonesia Come Closer, How About Your Money?

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Today, Rinnesia Team get announcement about Greyson Chance will held the concert in The Pallas, SCBD, Jakarta. Some Indonesian Enchancers saying that they don't ready yet for the concert, but today, the concert will be held on July, 27th 2019 the "PORTRAITS" Tour is make us excited. Because, Rinnesia is an Enchancers too. Cause Indonesian Enchancers was waiting for his concert for 7 years after Hold On 'Till the Night album tour.

This announcement out this morning when we are sahoor, from Jakarta Konser. We are so excited about this news. It's like Lukas Graham's song, 7 years. It give us some idea to write it. Did you know, Rinnesia didn't go to her village this year 'cause Greyson Chance concert!

We hope that, we can meet Greyson Chance. Did you know, if we want go to that concert, we should prepare, merchandise, and anything. But, what can we do when the concert is coming closer and we have no money? You can do the list that we make :

1. Work Part-time

Actually, I do this since April, 2018 as a private teacher. Beside I was a student, I also a blogger since January 2018 and that was help me in financial. Now, I have 2 months deposit from my student. I love you my student. You can do that if you want to watch and consist.

2. Saving Money Again!

As a student, I was save my money. From my Father, from another Job that I do. It's worth it if you do as consist. Greyson Chance concert in my feeling, not too expensive, not too cheap. So, let's save our money!

3. Don't Go To the Factory Outlet

'Cause we know that Factory Outlet made us want to buy what we don't need. Like, we can spend more than a million, really. But I never do that.

4. Don't Go To the Mall

If we go to the Mall, we will spend more than we go to the Factory Outlet. We are young and if we want something, we must buy. Like a skincare, make up, or the food that we doesn't need.

Okay, so that's the points how to save our money to watching a concert, on this time Greyson Chance's concert. See ya Next Article!

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